Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: February 2010


Hey Winter, can you go away now?

According to many of the Ohio natives I've spoken to over the last month, most agree that this winter was one of the worst to date, mainly due to the number of snowstorms that hit the central Ohio region and the streaks of sub-freezing temperatures that last days, and sometimes, weeks.

That really does say a lot about the normal weather patterns in this area. On one side, this has made adjustment to the Midwest a little less pleasant as a motorcyclist who has been used to commuting here and there a daily routine, with my bikes sitting either in the garage or outside on the driveway surrounded by ice. On another hand, it does bring some hope that future winters out here won't be as snow-laden as I have seen.

I still want to shoot that groundhog for seeing his shadow. Hey Winter, can you go away now? I've had my fun, sledding down a snow-covered hill and playing hockey on a natural pond for the first time in my life. But, the motorcycles are bored and so am I. I'd like to pile on a few thousand more miles this year and enjoy the scenery of this side of the nation. So, as I write this, I want to see those temps rise, that ice melt, and those engines start revving. Please?