Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: May 2014


Here's the state of things.

It has been a whirlwind of events since I returned back to California back in February.

Aside from trying to readjust back to normal life in my home state, I've gone from employed to job seeker in two months due to a reduction in workforce. On a bright note, the additional time away from a normal work schedule has allowed me to take some much needed physical and emotional rest from the whirlwind that sent me across the country. I am quite surprised as to how much time I've actually needed to recollect myself to return to a lot happier state. Then again, this is the first time (and hopefully last) that I've had to endure the turmoil of a blindsided divorce.

As I've said time and time again, I wouldn't have been able to find my normalcy once more if it wasn't for a very select group of people who have supported me through the years. And they have given me the space to figure out my next journey as I continue to move forward and upward. Eventually, I'll be back to my traveling ways and cruising throughout the country again. There's a lot of time to do that. But for now, it's a great opportunity for some self-maintenance.


Quick Bites: Noodle World (Downey, CA)

I'm continuing on my food review binge for the month of May. This trip sent me to Downey to try out a chain that's just starting to make its rounds here in the United States. Not to mention, I got to see an old friend for the first time in years.

Noodle World Jr. (yes, there is a big Noodle World somewhere) features multiple noodle-based dishes from various parts of Asia. Their menu features favorites that a regular American would recognize, such as Chow Mein or Pad Thai, and everything is made to order. Noodle World also offers deserts such as milkshakes, slushies, and boba drinks.

Speaking of recognizable noodle dishes, I requested a serving of Pad See Ew, a Thai noodle dish with large flat noodles, a sweeter sauce, and beef. The food was pretty good, although I think the sauce could've used a bit more flavoring. But for the sub-$8 price for the meal, I wasn't going to argue much for quick cuisine. This place would be great for a quick lunch or takeout.

This location of Noodle World Jr. is located at 8236 Firestone Blvd. in Downey. For more information about this chain, visit

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Quick Bites: 山 Mountain (Gardena, CA)

It's another round of foodie "catch-up" here in the South Bay. Here is a quick preview of 山 (Cafe) Mountain in Gardena during a regular lunch.

For this quick lunch, I had one of their specialties, galbi (Korean BBQ short ribs), in a "bento box" style meal complete with fried shrimp, kimchi, wild rice, and two sides of vegetables. This was a very flavorful and filling amount of food for just under $10 for the lunch special, and you could request a sweet ginger iced tea to finish off the meal at the end. Looking at the crowd that was in here, it's a favorite of many people who work within a few blocks of this place (Gardena Memorial Hospital is just down the street.)

Decor was quite simple here, no frills and no thrills, just good food. This delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant is located at 15460 S. Western Ave. in Gardena, inside the Tozai Plaza. Lunch was pretty busy but service was pretty efficient. I hope to return here pretty soon.

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