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Long Distance Touring Resources

Downloadable Articles:
Issues to Consider When Preparing for Your Long Distance Motorcycle Trip (PDF)
Sample Long Distance Riding Equipment Checklist

Other Resources:
FJRForum - Message board for owners of the Yamaha FJR1300
Aerostitch - Duluth, MN based motorcycle gear company, makers of the famous 1-piece Roadcrafter suit
Twisted Throttle - Accessories for many a touring bike
Cee Bailey's Aircraft Plastics - makers of custom motorcycle windscreens and seat modification
Corbin - high-quality aftermarket motorcycle seat
RAM Mount - durable accessory mounting solutions for your bike (or anything else for that matter!)
ROK Straps - tried and tested luggage strapping system...throw away those bungee cords!
Ride-On Tire Protection System - preventative tire sealant that'll keep you on the road despite punctures
Iron Butt Association - The official governing body for those who dare to prove their long-distance riding prowess.

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