Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: January 2012


Food Review: Mazah Mediterranean Eatery (Grandview Heights, OH)

Let's start 2012 with a food review, shall we? Of course I wouldn't turn down an offer to try something new...

I was invited to test out the Mazah Mediterranean Eatery (1439 Grandview Ave., Columbus, OH 43212) by one of my blog readers. I was quite shocked (and yet not surprised) to hear from her that "nobody at work wanted to try this place because they were afraid they wouldn't like it."

Come on, that's always going to be a consequence of trying something new. Well, to all you guys who passed her up on that offer, you missed out on some good stuff! (Pointing and laughing off-stage.)

Mazah's simplistic exterior is friendly and inviting. There is outdoor seating on warmer days.