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Food Review: Fox and Hound English Pub & Grille (Mayfield Heights, OH)

I headed over to Fox and Hound based on a co-worker recommendation for the food. So far, I've been there a couple times and was a big fan of the food. I will have to admit, however, that the service might need a some work with keeping track of customers and making sure that all patrons are taken care of.

"Dog Bites" - Bite-sized corn dogs with a parmesan crust served with a twisted pickle dip.
Their version of a fish sandwich complete with a side of sweet potato fries. The fish is dipped in Newcastle beer batter.
Lots of places to hang out, watch sports, and play pool. Definitely will give you something to do aside from drinking beer at the bar.
I wonder if the low rating for the restaurant on Urbanspoon is more of a reflection of the quality of the service. If this restaurant could get that up to par, I could see people making this place a definite go-to for good food and hangout time into the wee hours of the morning.

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Feeling kinda dumped? There's a song for that [thought process].

This a left-field post for all of the people who have experienced being dumped in a relationship.

A long time ago, in a previous life, I would create a "Tribute CD" series to run through the emotions that one goes through whilst knee-deep in difficult times related to another person. I had done several of these for quite a number of reasons. Many situations had underlying circumstances behind them and one song may be more relevant than another.

Since CDs are so five years ago, I'll throw in a short music video montage that applies to my current state of mind. Maybe more of these will pop up in another thought experiment here on this blog. Enjoy your weekend, people.

In my ideal thinking, I would hope that this is the case.

In my own raw mind, this is what it feels like.

 But in my own heart, it feels like this.

So tonight, this sounds pretty appropriate.


Preparing to wrap up a 3rd decade of breathing.

So I'm 29 today. Holy moly...I'm just a year away from changing the number in the tens column. Time flies when you're living.

I can easily say that, by far, this year has been one of the more difficult ones to date. From the long commutes between Cleveland and Columbus to the consolidation to one apartment up here in the north to the job layoff from one motorcycle store to recall to new job (and I'll probably talk more about my new motorcycle store digs in a future post). I can't do much about an employer going out of business, but I am grateful that another place thought I had potential working for them.

And I get to add a wonderful friend dying, a wonderful rat dying, and other life messes that I really hope I won't have extrapolate on soon pending hopeful negotiations or some willingness to even head in that direction.


Sneak Peek: 2014 EBR 1190RX (Pre-Production)

Get ready to see some eye candy here.

Now, I'm a fan of the old Ulysses adventure bike from a few years back. I'm glad to see that Erik Buell is making a comeback with his fully-independent company and isn't held back by the restrictions of another corporate force (cough, cough, Harley, cough cough). So here you go, a pre-production version of the 2014 EBR 1190RX. This is the same bike that was first premiered at the AIMExpo in Orlando, FL earlier this year. Enjoy these exclusive shots right here on I hope to be able to ride a finished one someday, but this definitely brings a lot of hope for the future of American-made motorcycles.

Say good-bye to traditional headlights. It's LEDs for this model.
On-board computer is programmable and customizeable. No gauges to be seen here.
Super-adjustable Showa forks and Vortex clip-ons demonstrate EBR's attention to detail and search for quality components.

The placement of the fans for Buell's 1190cc V-Twin engine are in a more unusual place compared to other sportbikes. Did I mention that this thing delivers 185HP @ 10,600RPM? And those are just the numbers they had to officially post. Rumor has it this thing can top over 200MPH.
Triangular subframe combines both strength and lightweight.

Side profile of the bike still retains that unmistakable, trademark look from its Harley-attached predecessor of yesteryear.

Showa rear shock comes stock. Ohlins will probably be available as an upgrade.
Adjustable shifter peg will make riders of all shoe sizes quite happy.

The kickstand doesn't stick out like an eyesore as there is a special cutout specifically for this critical part of the bike to keep the seamless design intact.
One of two heatsinks for the front LED headlight.

Yes, that is an air scoop for the front brake rotor to help avoid overheating, ensuring the stopping power will be there when you need it.
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