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GUEST POST: Tips for Riding in Hot and Humid Conditions (Jason Mueller)

All right, here's another guest post about riding your motorcycle through hot and humid conditions.

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Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner to the great two-wheeled adventure, if you plan on riding in a hot climate, you will need to think about staying cool during your ride. You have most likely already searched for, and found, the perfect riding jacket, boots, gloves and helmet, but have you considered how to be comfortable during a hot and humid ride? When you are on the motorcycle, heat doesn’t just shine down from the sunshine above, but it can be brutal as it flows straight up from the pavement you are cruising on as you head down the highway.

Bikers who live in hot climates or those that may be headed to a warmer climate from the north this winter will want to consider some of the best ways to take on the heat from riding on a hot and humid day.

Hydrate Often
Most of us know to stop for a good meal along the way or for quick water breaks when it is hot outside, but there are other ways to stay hydrated when riding as well. One thing you can do is wear clothing that helps keep your body hydrated during a long, hot ride. Wearing gear that is well ventilated will help keep your skin cool and your body temperature down.  Another thing to consider is wearing a backpack with a built-in water reservoir to drink while riding. This will help you stay hydrated without needing to make frequent stops for water along the way.

Layer Up
Chances are, when the ride begins it may be early morning or you may be in a colder climate. Once the sun comes up or the day progresses and begins to heat up, you are going to want to shed some clothing to stay cool. Be sure to layer up when you get dressed for the ride so you will be able to take items off one at a time to start cooling down. Make sure your clothing is adequate for the ride and that you don’t wear anything ultra-thin for safety reasons. Even when it’s hot and humid outside, you need to wear proper riding gear to stay safe.

Meshing Around
Mesh vests, gloves and even shirts for men are a way to keep cool during a long ride in the heat. There are many mesh vests, shirts and other outerwear that are made with fabric that help withstand the elements while keeping the skin cooler in the heat. Mesh gloves will keep your hands protected while staying cool. While come may say that worrying too much about the clothing you wear is a little narcissistic, it is definitely necessary to plan your wardrobe when you take a ride whether the weather is hot and humid, wet, cold or even windy.

Plan Your Route
Hopping on your bike and taking off down the highway sounds like a fun thing to do, but taking time to carefully plan your route will save you time and help prevent you from becoming lost or worse, finding yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with no gas and no filling station in sight. Finding yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere when it is hot and humid outside can not only be inconvenient, but it can also become very dangerous if you have no water or way to cool down.

Whether you are taking a quick ride to the store, or you will be traveling a hundred miles a day, be sure to take your cell phone so you have a way to contact someone in case there is an emergency on the road.  You also may need to have your cell phone with you if you run into a situation where you need to have the motorcycle shipped due to mechanical issues in the heat or if a collision occurs.

While many riders who have been riding for many years may already know the best clothing to wear and which ways work well to stay hydrated and cool during the heat, this is not true for all riders. Not everyone lives in hot climates and if you are coming from a cooler area, knowing the signs of a heat stroke and taking precautions to keep your body cool inside and out will go a long way to beating the heat and having a great ride. If you have taken the right precautions and feel ready to ride, be sure to keep safe riding at the top of your list of things to do during the ride, and above all else, hop on that bike and have some fun!


About the Author
Jason grew up riding dirt bikes and then turned to road riding.  He is currently living in Costa Rica where he works online for his company, A-1 Auto Transport.


Fun Peeks: Yamaha FJR1300A-P Concept

I'm starting 2017 with eye candy. Back at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach in November 2016, the Yamaha section had this gorgeous motorcycle specimen on display as a "concept" bike. In Europe, this isn't a concept bike! This is a normal patrol bike across the ocean in several European countries! *sad cry* I digress.

In addition to the Yamaha FJR1300 offered as a police bike abroad, the XJ600 and XJ900 are also get the law enforcement outfitting. I'd be more afraid of a smaller police bike that can zip through anything to take a baddie down than a larger one, to be honest.

I also wonder, aside from the obvious add-ons of lights, crash cages, a rear trunk cover instead of a rear seat, and narrower city cases for more effective lane-splitting, if there were upgrades to the electrical system such as a larger battery or stator like is done with the BMW R1200RT-P.

Filing this under "things to make you drool that you won't see in the wild United States." I think Eleanor would look good in white. At least people would pull the hell over when I'm trying to filter through gridlock because of the intimidation factor. What do you think?


Quick Bites: The Great Room (Redondo Beach, CA)

On a rare Wednesday off, my favorite taco spot on the corner had a line out the door and a lack of parking and seating room to match. So instead of waiting in that line only to end up eating my tacos standing up, I decided to get adventurous, head down the street, and check out the newly opened and locally owned The Great Room (2810 Artesia Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA 90278), just walking distance from the South Bay Galleria.

Walking into the restaurant, I was very pleasantly surprised by the open space and welcoming atmosphere of the building. The staff was very friendly, greeted me promptly, and were more than happy to share their recommendations on the menu to this first-timer.

Other perks? There are several big screen TVs in the restaurant, strategically placed near groups of sofas and chairs or within easy view of a booth or table. Also, their wi-fi access is super fast and easy to connect to, making this a great place to sit down and work on your computer (which is actually what I'm doing right now).

This looks like I just stepped into someone's house. I'm good with that!
This is a breakfast (until 11AM), lunch, and dinner kind of place. The menu varies from pizzas to burgers to salads and pastas. The menu has a little something for everyone. For today, I decided to try the pesto shrimp cream spaghetti. For a $10 dish, there's a whole lot of tasty food here. The shrimp was very tender and the cream sauce was quite light and blended well with the spaghetti. It actually reminded me of a similar dish from Noodles and Company without the chain restaurant feel.

Yes, that is freshly shredded parmesan cheese on top of that. My only request would've been a small piece of garlic bread to scoop up the remainder of that very delicious pesto cream sauce!
For drink selections, their coffee is powered by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf so you know you're getting good brew (my iced coffee is to spec). The Great Room also offers other bottled drinks, iced/hot teas, and several selections of wine and beer on tap.

For a nominal fee, there is access to a "toddler room" and a "game room" to pass the time or to get the kids out of your hair while you sit down with your friends and enjoy that very needed coffee. If you really want a private space for you and up to 40 people, there's a rentable party room with a projector. On the other hand, the common areas are a great meeting spot for friends who want a semi-private corner space to chill, a motorcycle group planning session, a first date that's inexpensive and great for conversation, or your casual business lunch that just needs a table and good food to nosh on.

I want to come back here to try breakfast (they have a burrito!) and a few more of their lunch/dinner selections, such as their burgers and pizza.

From my first impressions, The Great Room definitely lives up to its name in both vibe and in comfort food. For more information about this up and coming local delight, please visit

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Quick Bites: Hash House A Go Go (San Diego, CA)

On my last trip to San Diego a few months ago, I ended my culinary journey there on a high note (after a bit of a long wait) at Hash House a Go Go (3628 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103). When I arrived there with my boyfriend, Evan, the parking was a bit of a challenge and the line at the restaurant was out the door. Faced with about an hour wait, we perused several stores a few blocks away until I received a text message on my phone that our table was ready.

When we got there and put in our orders, we were not ready for the food experience we were about to embark on...

I ordered Andy's Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower, a visual masterpiece of fried chicken waffles drizzled in a maple syrup reduction & fried leeks. This dish was full of flavor, all the way down to the sprig of sage stabbed right into the middle of the presentation. If you want the perfect blend of salty and sweet goodness and maple syrup everywhere, this dish is an absolute stomach-stuffing delight.

Evan's entree was the House Smoked Fresh Salmon hash with cream cheese and scallions served with home fries and a giant biscuit. Once again, the presentation was just icing on the cake as every bite was delectable and the individual ingredients very easy to tell apart.

This place definitely deserves a revisit and a couple more entrees to try. Hash House A Go Go has several locations in multiple states, but it all started here at this location in San Diego, CA. For more information about this restaurant, visit

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