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The Summer Quest for a Lobster Roll in Southern California

From my motorcycle journeys on the East Coast, I remember fondly the delectable flavor of the lobster roll. For those who have never had a lobster roll, it is giant chunks of fresh lobster smothered in either butter or mayo and placed on a buttered bread roll. When it's paired with a side of fried clams, a lobster bisque, or clam chowdah (have to spell it like it's pronounced over there!), it is a filling meal for a seafood-craving traveler.

Even though I'm back home on the West Coast, there are moments when I desire the taste of genuine Maine lobster. The west coast variety of this crustacean is very plentiful in these parts but lacks that melt-in-your-mouth quality that lies in the east. However, I do live in Los Angeles, and the beautiful part about living here is that damn near anything can be acquired with the right kind of research and a little bit of motorcycle riding.

So on an off night in late July when I finished my work and wasn't scheduled for a hockey game, I caught wind of a food truck night happening in North Orange County while poking around on the internet. More specifically, it was near the La Habra/Fullerton border near my old digs there. Run by the Truck Squad, it's a regular food truck gathering on Friday nights that has become so commonplace that patrons will set up chairs and tables in parking stalls or eat from the tailgates of their trucks to enjoy the evening. I saddled up on Eleanor and rode the 35 or so miles down the freeway to have my fill of gourmet traveling meals.

When I made it to the Best Buy Fullerton parking lot, there it was - The Lobsta Truck. Were these lobster rolls going to be the same as I had remembered in my memories of Maine? I was about to find out.

I decided on a standard lobster roll with mayo (the roll was already buttered) with a side of lobster bisque. As you can see from the photo below, that's real chunks of the good stuff! And needless to say, it tasted just as delicious as it looked. The bisque was very creamy and even had small chunks of lobster floating in it! This was about as authentic as one could get short of making a field trip to York Beach. However, a motorcycle ride back there would be a wonderful adventure.

Capping off off my meal with a octopus takoyaki and a honeydew boba from the Tokyo Doggie Style truck, I was pretty much seafood-ed out for the evening. So another ride down to the Dave and Buster's in Irvine for some arcade games and that was an eventful Friday.

I'll also throw this one out there. If you really want to get your lobster on, the annual LA Lobster Fest in San Pedro is the perfect place to stuff your face. Head over to for more information.

Food truck events are everywhere in Los Angeles/Orange County. Looking for the next one? Here are a few links to get you started. Also, check your local city's events calendar or nearby school find them as well. Bon appetit!

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