Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Quick Bites: 山 Mountain (Gardena, CA)


Quick Bites: 山 Mountain (Gardena, CA)

It's another round of foodie "catch-up" here in the South Bay. Here is a quick preview of 山 (Cafe) Mountain in Gardena during a regular lunch.

For this quick lunch, I had one of their specialties, galbi (Korean BBQ short ribs), in a "bento box" style meal complete with fried shrimp, kimchi, wild rice, and two sides of vegetables. This was a very flavorful and filling amount of food for just under $10 for the lunch special, and you could request a sweet ginger iced tea to finish off the meal at the end. Looking at the crowd that was in here, it's a favorite of many people who work within a few blocks of this place (Gardena Memorial Hospital is just down the street.)

Decor was quite simple here, no frills and no thrills, just good food. This delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant is located at 15460 S. Western Ave. in Gardena, inside the Tozai Plaza. Lunch was pretty busy but service was pretty efficient. I hope to return here pretty soon.

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