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Some odds and ends in C-bus

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After a month of actually having a job again, I've taken some liberties to reward myself and de-stress a little with small things such as a trip to our new favorite sushi place, a stop at the Polaris Fashion Place for some window shopping, and a detour from the monotony of robotic retail work. Here were a few things that were going through my mind lately.

Here's a view from the upper dining area the inside of Edamame Sushi and Grill in North Columbus. I go here to get my sushi fix (It's all about the Buckeye roll), sip a well-mixed Arnold Palmer, and enjoy the scenery. It's probably the only local restaurant by far that has gotten me hooked. It's unlike any other restaurant I've visited and they do provide awesome service. I've had a hankering to try out Columbus Fish Market and thanks to a gift card from Matt's family, it looks like that's going to happen pretty soon. I hear that place is top online review may be possible.

I got a haircut and shopped a little at the Polaris Mall the day before my birthday. Window shopping is fun, especially when the newest styles of the season are just being put out on display. Currently, it appears the The Gap is boasting their "best premium jeans" for $54.50. With a price like that, I can see how you wouldn't be able to afford anything else to wear. As demonstrated by the mannequin in the middle, it can also cost you an arm as well.

Currently, one of my duties at my job at Meijer is auditing shelf tag labels to make sure prices on the tags are identical to the main store system's database. This means having to go through the entire store and painstakingly scan anywhere between 3000-4000 items every day (and you wonder why I'm looking for another job). I've traversed to the grocery section of my particular store and came across this while scanning foods in the "Ethnic Foods" section.
So I'm thinking, "That sounds a little controversial." I pull this particular candy bar out and realize that it's made by Nestle and is marketed in the UK. In fact, this candy bar has been around for a long time! Here's the Wikipedia page for it: I actually found it to be quite humorous, but there's always that one sensitive person that would cry over the sight of the front of the label.

Sorry, girl, not for you. Actually I bought one of these and took it home for me and Matt to try. It's a standard chocolate bar, like a Hershey's but creamier.

Lastly, I realized after working in retail that Christmas is the next major holiday after Halloween. Thanksgiving is a turkey and stuffing sale and that's about it. At least that's what the motorcycle shop said. Here's Iron Pony's take on Santa's new ride. Apparently he's traded his sleigh for a camo 4x4 and laid off the reindeer.

The good news is that he's wearing a helmet and is powered by Yamaha. That's my kind of Santa.