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Long-Term Review: Alaska Leather Sheepskin Buttpad

Out of all the accessories that I've fit on my FJR, my sheepskin buttpad from Alaska Leather ranks up there as one of my most favorite (and useful) add-ons to my motorcycle. I decided to give sheepskin a try last year after reading up on the benefits of sheepskin pads for Iron Butt riders. At the time I was still living in CA and dealing with a 120-mile commute through several of the worst highways in the nation. I figured that it would only add to the comfort I received from my Corbin seat day in and day out, which was already comfortable as is (that review I'll save for another day).

After 20,000 miles (and counting) with the pad on top of my seat, it's still there providing a plush place for my rear. Although there are many places to get sheepskin, I've been very satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of the seat pads from Alaska Leather. Their "Deluxe" pad is made out of grade A sheepskin cut from a single pelt; this is nicer than the stuff you would get to cover your car seat. They're simple to install; it's a single elastic strap fastened by two quick release buckles for easy on and off. Care for the sheepskin buttpad is easy. If it gets wet in the rain, just disconnect it, shake the excess water off of it, and if possible, blot it with a towel. Every couple months or so, use a slicker brush (like the kind you use for the dog or cat) to comb the hairs and bring back its fluffy appearance. If it gets dirty, a handwash with shampoo and an air dry without heat is all you need. That's about it for care. Otherwise, it'll take the abuse, ride after ride.

For a motorcyclist that rides through all conditions, sheepskin's ability to wick off moisture and regulate temperature are essential to a comfortable ride, especially in long distances. The hairs of the sheepskin provide a space between the rider's butt and the actual seat which allows for airflow down there. In that same way, the seat never gets extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, rain cannot pool as easily in the seat because the sheepskin's natural coat repels water. As an afterthought, having the pad on the bike almost all the time has protected the leather top of my seat, and those Corbins are expensive!

Simply put, this is one of the simplest remedies for the hot, uncomfortable seat. Combine that with a custom or aftermarket seat and it enhances your investment. These pads are 100% sheepskin, made in Alaska, and are available in all different sizes and natural colors to fit the shape and style of your bike. Pads start at $45 and range depending on size and shape. Get yours today!