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Ride Route: SE Ohio Sampler

I had today off so I decided to dabble a little bit into the roads of SE Ohio, one of the few parts of the state that isn't completely flat. Many motorcyclists I've talked to at my work have told me stories about that area of Ohio and gave me the simplest advice when traveling down there for the first time.

"Any triple-digit state route is wonderful. Just find one and go for it."

And they were right! After running down US-33 through Hocking Hills and Nelsonville and a small portion of US-50 (it leads all the way to Washington, D.C. by the way), I did a couple of those famed roads, including a short preview of the "Triple Nickel" (OH State Rte. 555). My favorite one at the moment is OH-676 that involved super curvy hill climbs through forests of trees. I closed the straight route home with OH-60 along the Muskigum River and a slab down I-70. Of course, this is just the beginning. All of these roads head right into West Virginia and North Kentucky where there's even more of the crazy twisties.

Somewhere on OH-676, I did answer the age old question, "Why did the chicken(s) cross the road?" I had to slow down to make sure the cluckers made it to the other side.

Point of advice: these roads are definitely NOT for beginners. If you're a newb at this whole motorcycle riding and cornering bit, I suggest practicing on simpler roads or taking it real easy. There's lots of gravel at intersections and where you least expect it. Additionally, you have to keep your eyes on the road and on the signs or you'll end up in a turnout and in someone's driveway. These are not the kind of roads that one can do at 70 MPH. Even after doing these types of roads for the last six years I was still on my toes, but it was definitely an entertaining experience and it gave Eleanor an excuse to his 93,000 on the odometer.

Route is below. Total miles: 243.

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