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Gear Review: Vega Meridian Pants

I had the chance to test out the Vega Meridian Pants for my ride up to Chicago. I had been looking for a pair of pants that would fit underneath my overpants that would provide the warmth that regular jeans could not. I was thoroughly impressed with this pair of pants, especially because they combine a windproof outer material and a super-warm fleece liner. Additionally, their soft texture eliminated the chafing feeling that you can get from wearing jeans on a motorcycle for a prolonged period of time.

One issue I did have with these pants was their length. They do not come in a "short" sizing (I have a 29" inseam and these pants were almost 34" in a size 2X) so hemming may be necessary for a custom fit. Fortunately I was able to tuck the excess material into my tall Alpinestars boots which also kept my calves quite warm. These pants fit quite snugly and are very form fitting to help with maintaining body warmth so if you're used to more relaxed fit jeans, it can take a little adjustment.

From a cold resistance standpoint, I was very comfortable, if not, unusually warm, even when temps dropped down to 45°F while traveling interstate speeds on I-290 heading to Itasca. I can imagine combining this layer with my Schampa Warmskin Skinny Pants for maximum insulation from those sub-freezing temps.

This is definitely an asset to any cold weather rider's collection. They also look nice so they can pass for normal casual wear. I would even stretch its use to other fall/winter sports or for prolonged days outside in the nippy cold. Vega advertises the Meridians as a "sub-layer," so they're not made to take much abrasion. I would consider them to be a sub-layer underneath overpants. And at a reasonable price tag of $49.99 it's an inexpensive way to stay warm and stylish.