Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Blog entry test with the Android from Illinois


Blog entry test with the Android from Illinois

I'm currently in Champaign, IL and camping at a Panera Bread store in until my friend returns to her apartment later this evening. It is quite chilly outside (about 30 degrees and falling) so I'm on a coffee and gingerbread regimen. Additionally, I am writing my first blog entry off of an HTC Droid Incredible. I find it disturbing that I can even accomplish this, but I can see now that the laptop is getting closer to being unnecessary for motorcycle travel.

My biggest critique of this phone is definitely battery life. With it running on stand-by I'd be lucky if I can get 12 hours off a single charge. Fortunately the charger is small and easily fits in one of my motorcycle jacket pockets. I also have to get used to typing on a QWERTY keyboard with just my thumbs.

So far, so good. Maybe I'll write something else if I get super bored.
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