Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Dear Ohio, I need a job...


Dear Ohio, I need a job...

...that actually gives me hours, doesn't treat me like a seasonal worker, and has a wage I can actually live on.

I came to Ohio with hopes of starting anew and possibly finding career opportunities that would suit my interests and talents. At this moment, that's not the case. In a very strange turn of events, I find myself looking back to the Golden State for job positions with any sort of consistency. On a bright note, I get to go back to my home state. The catch? It'll just be me going back while we figure out what to do with living logistics.

After applying to who-knows-how-many positions and not getting any leads locally, I've moved my search to places more familiar and much farther away than where we are. It's a gamble I'm taking with hopes that a new position would offer more experiences in other markets and a steadier income so we can do things that normal people do, like have savings.

More to come soon on these happenings. Regardless of whether I stay or go I do hope for better pay and happier surroundings.