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Independent Motorsports - my new job!

For all of my local Columbus friends that have shopped for motorcycle parts and accessories at my last place of employment (which will remain unnamed but I can tell you is a very huge store somewhere in Westerville), I have left that location and joined up with the guys at Independent Motorsports at their new location in the southern end of Columbus near Obetz.

I'm enjoying my time here and getting so many opportunities to help in many aspects of this new location's ins and outs, from admin work to developing the parts and accessories department to coordinating a new rider program that helps customers purchase their first (of hopefully many) motorcycles. It is a fresh feeling to be utilized for more than just "selling stuff" and "putting boxes where they're supposed to go." I feel very refreshed and invigorated knowing that I can work in a place revolves around my passion for motorcycling and actually wants me to work to my potential.

Here are some quick shots of the store, and these guys don't mind the free press...

Some of the many bikes that grace our showroom floor. We carry all types and styles of clean, used motorcycles and scooters.
I get a desk so I'm not on my feet for 10 hours straight! :)
Here's our helmet, apparel, and accessories department. We're still expanding and looking forward to adding more products to our inventory!
Our "graffiti art" wall!
Independent Motorsports is located at 3930 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43207. Visit our website @ for directions to the store, contact information, and to see our online listings of clean, used motorcycles!

I'm out for now...going to test ride a sportbike!