Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Fuzzy! Best. Rat. Ever. (2008-2011)


Fuzzy! Best. Rat. Ever. (2008-2011)

Fuzzy retired to the great messy kitchen in the sky at 11:45PM last night at the approximate age of three years. He fell asleep on my lap peacefully in a warm blanket. We're going to miss the little bugger, but he put up a heck of a fight against a very brief illness. Of course he didn't leave without overhearing me tell a friend his life story in an hour. Always wanting to look cute and be the center of attention until the very end...

He leaves behind a lifetime of memories and lots of food particles and stolen pieces of paper under the bed. He spent many a night sleeping underneath bedsheets and frequently next to our feet. He probably ran farther with pieces of food in his mouth bigger than his head than any other rat that I've known, granting he had the liberty of the hallway whenever we were home.

When we lived in CA, Fuzzy was notorious for using Post-It Notes, pens, and five $20 bills as bedding in his igloo. He also found shelter in my used helmets and was often seen sticking his head out of them whenever he smelled freshly cooked pasta in the kitchen. A food conniseur, he has enjoyed tasty samplings of meat, poultry, fish, bread, pesto pasta, and the giant strawberry or piece of cookie for desert. He loved root beer and would often sample some whenever we popped a bottle open. He also had this thing for Thin Mints and gum that I'll never understand.

Fuzzy gets his own root beer. Sort of.
What a tough act to follow. Not too shabby for a rejected, up-for-adoption, one-eyed hairless rat from a PetSmart in Tustin, CA.

To see some of his shenanigans from some of his better days, visit

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Looks like he won't have to beg for his favorite strawberry-favorite yogurt drops; he's got them by the bucket wherever he is now. :)

Fuzzy chills out, like usual...wrinkles and all.