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Hockey Haikus for the Frustrated Goalie

And here's something for the rainy evening.

I was going through some old blog archives from several years ago and had to bring these amusing hockey-related haikus I wrote back to the surface. I produced these in the midst of a 26-game losing streak (I'm not making up that number, by the way) while playing on three teams in three separate leagues. Since I couldn't really control what was happening on the ice, I figured I'd vent a little in classic 5-7-5 syllable poetry. That's my English degree at work, people. Huzzah.

As much as I enjoy being an ice hockey goaltender, there are days when I'll get caught in some strange game situation shaking my head and thinking, "Did that seriously just happen?"

Yup, it just did. Dammit.

But despite all the randomness of every drop of the puck, both positive and negative, hockey is one of those few venues in my world that I can shrug off some of the worst moments in a matter of minutes because of the need to focus on the next part of the game. I wish I could do that in real life...

But anyway, enjoy my 0.5 ounces of creativity. Perhaps you can visualize a smidge of my plight.

glove save off slapper
nobody can stop rebound
cannot bend that far

skate out of the zone
goalie screams fall to deaf ears
legs move like pudding

three on none or breakaway
not first time tonight

enjoy adventure?
opponents swarm like bees
get stung quite often

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