Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: A strange time to be super busy...!


A strange time to be super busy...!

January was quite...busy? What happened here?

Unlike last year where I had way too much time at home to think about things (thanks to my former employer's desire to be more economical with my paycheck), this year I'm finding myself happily knee-deep in motorcycle industry-related work. As a result, I'm not churning away at my blog like I traditionally have been during this time of the year.

To add to the bonus, we've had a freakishly mild (and relatively snow-less) winter out here in central Ohio. Thanks to that and a surprise influx of customers anticipating good riding days, I've found myself working quite a bit more at the motorcycle store and planning/scheduling bike events for what seems to be a warp speed course to the spring "riding season." Ice-less days and temps over 30°F have reduced car usage this season to next to nothing so daily commuting on the motorcycle has remained relatively normal. If only every winter in Ohio was like this EVERY year...I might actually like living here.

This was definitely NOT what winter looks like in Ohio right now. It was raining right after this short snow dump. Seriously.
So yeah, I'm not completely gone from the radar!!! Mind you, there's quite a few motorcycle journeys slated for 2012 so stay tuned for that. Eleanor's aiming for 150,000 miles on the odometer for this year and she's well on her way to that goal. She and I have pulled off more than 3000 miles since November alone, which is far from my traditional California numbers but a lot more than what most "riders" in this area will achieve in the warmth of summer. I'll be throwing in more out-of-region food reviews and other random rants as well. I'll be able to, eventually, free up more time in the schedule to contribute to the online fodder of this blog.

Don't forget, you can always follow some of my misadventures on my "alternate channel," my Twitter feed @2wheeledtourist. That's updated anytime during the day or if I find something strange to share. You can also see my tweets to the right of this blog entry in the Twitter window.

I'm still here, just running around with a smile on my face. And my head on fire.