Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Calendar says it's Spring, Ohio begs to differ.


Calendar says it's Spring, Ohio begs to differ.

The coming of Spring in Ohio, especially up here by Lake Erie, is as highly regarded an occasion as of the start of the OSU Buckeye football season. But unlike the football season in Ohio, I actually look forward to this event.

There seems to be a slight problem, though. It isn't here yet. I write this on Sunday, March 24, 2013 where it's 29°F in Eastlake and at the moment (thank goodness), no precipitation. These temps are extremely unusual this time of year, and it seems like we're going backwards. Hey Captain Picard, can you explain this snag in the space and time continuum?

My thoughts, exactly.
Just for your amusement, here are some shots of the first three days of Spring in nearby Mentor.

Work on Wednesday March 20, the first day of Spring.
Work on Thursday, March 21, the second day of Spring. Do we sense a pattern here?
Friday, March 22 required plow service. Are you kidding?
I shall ask the following questions now:

1. Who pissed off/lost a bet to/broke up with/trash talked/otherwise disrespected Mother Nature and turned her in to Mother F*cking Nature? Can you just say sorry now?

2. How much is the bounty on Punxsutawney Phil or Buckeye Chuck? I could use the money to purchase parts to build a new computer since I'll be sitting here instead of RIDING MY MOTORCYCLE!!!

There is a silver lining to these clouds, actually. For the first time in a while, my two-wheeled buddy Eleanor does get a few replacement parts and brand new tires that won't have to be taken care of mid-"season" (I still don't believe in riding seasons regardless of what the weather tells me). But believe me, as soon as this stuff thaws out, the tires are getting road scrubbed and I'm out. Stay warm for a bit longer, people.

My hockey coach once told me that if I shot any animal, I'd have to eat it. Does groundhog taste like chicken or pork? Just raise him up a little higher; I don't want to take out the bystanders.