Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Quick Stops: Squire's Castle (Willoughby Hills, OH)


Quick Stops: Squire's Castle (Willoughby Hills, OH)

Just because I'm still waiting for Eleanor to return to Cleveland (she's still down in Columbus for repairs) doesn't mean I can't continue to be a tourist in my own local area.

On a random, rainy weekend when Matt was up here, we started driving around the area behind the West End YMCA in Willoughby and came across the North Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. In one of them was an interesting site called Squire's Castle, the stone remnants of a residence that once belonged to Feargus B. Squire, one of the founders of the Standard Oil Company. Here are a few of my photos from that visit. I hope to come back here on the motorcycle, after the leaves grow back on the trees.

The sign leading up to the castle. Time to invade it! (I had to say it, didn't I?)
Some short history of Squire's Castle on one of the walls.
This place has multiple floors, but they're not [easily] accessible.
It's a strange structure that looks very out of place, but could you imagine that view outside your window every morning?
I think if I stare at this a bit longer we could be surrounded by Normans. Or Saxons.
Old entrances are filled in, but it would be safe to assume there were rooms up there.
A well-placed path. You could see the enemy coming! Arrows on the ready?
So there you have it...a castle. In Cleveland. Because you can.