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Food Review: Sabor de Cuba (Frederick, MD)

Thanks to a very impromptu ride to Maryland last weekend to see a relative who happened to be in town, I had the chance to try out this restaurant in downtown Frederick, MD. Nicely settled in a very old portion of the city, this venue adds even more cultural flare to an area that takes pride in its history. And after sampling several of their dishes, I need another excuse to make it out here and have another go at this place.

Empanadas de carne o pollo (beef or chicken) just got your taste buds going. Gotta try it with their signature sauce.
Camarones al Ajillo con Pan (shrimp in garlic sauce with bread) with a beautiful presentation and perfectly cooked shrimp.
Here is a sizzle plate of the shrimp complete with tomatoes and avocado slices.
I'll even go one step further and give you the "sizzle" in high definition!

Tostones rellenos de carne (savory green plantains stuffed with ground beef) is a unique appetizer that puts a very versatile cousin to the banana to a functional use - as a cup!
And now for the main dishes...

Pargo Frito (fried red snapper) is made up of a fillet of red snapper, seasoned, lightly breaded and flashed fried. Served with white rice, black beans and sweet plantains.
Here is a small sampling of the Pernil (Citrus-marinated pork shank, thinly sliced with garlic and onion).
Camarones Enchilados (Cuban style sautéed shrimp)
Bistec de Palomilla (Cuban grilled steak) is a grilled citrus marinated sirloin thinly sliced topped with sautéed onions. 
Pollo a la Plancha (grilled chicken breast) with an optional side of fries.
The Tres Leches cake was amazing.
Restaurant flan can get some bad rap, but this Cuban rendition is better than your mom's.
You could tell that the food was cooked with pride and care. All the dishes were flavorful and the meats were savory and tender. The shrimp was fresh (it is Maryland, after all). In other Cuban restaurants I've eaten at on the West Coast, the food tended to be bogged down with oil and felt heavy. That definitely wasn't the case here as I couldn't stop eating! One might be surprised at the very small selection of entrees to choose from, but from the vibrancy of the dishes I sampled, it was easy to tell that the focus was on quality, not quantity.

I didn't get to take shots of the inside of the restaurant, but they definitely have the atmosphere down there. The music was very regional, the area dimmed to a cozy low light, and the walls were covered with Cuban artwork. It's definitely provides an intimate setting for an evening dinner (date night, hint hint?).

So if you're in Frederick, make sure Sabor de Cuba is a food stop in your stay. You won't be disappointed. Check out their website at

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