Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Fun Peeks: Yamaha FJR1300A-P Concept


Fun Peeks: Yamaha FJR1300A-P Concept

I'm starting 2017 with eye candy. Back at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach in November 2016, the Yamaha section had this gorgeous motorcycle specimen on display as a "concept" bike. In Europe, this isn't a concept bike! This is a normal patrol bike across the ocean in several European countries! *sad cry* I digress.

In addition to the Yamaha FJR1300 offered as a police bike abroad, the XJ600 and XJ900 are also get the law enforcement outfitting. I'd be more afraid of a smaller police bike that can zip through anything to take a baddie down than a larger one, to be honest.

I also wonder, aside from the obvious add-ons of lights, crash cages, a rear trunk cover instead of a rear seat, and narrower city cases for more effective lane-splitting, if there were upgrades to the electrical system such as a larger battery or stator like is done with the BMW R1200RT-P.

Filing this under "things to make you drool that you won't see in the wild United States." I think Eleanor would look good in white. At least people would pull the hell over when I'm trying to filter through gridlock because of the intimidation factor. What do you think?