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Long-Term Product Review: Thor 50/50 Boots

Since it's snowing quite a bit here in Columbus, OH, I'm taking some time to muse about some of the motorcycle gear that has become part of my riding over the last year and a half (and the 60,000 miles to go with it). When you're riding that much (at one point in time, averaging 120 miles a day), your gear has to be reliable, safe, and comfortable. I've been happy with these Thor boots and would like to share my review on these with you all.

The Thor 50/50 is a motocross-style boot that harnesses the rugged protection of a mid-height dirtbike boot and the comfort of a street boot. This product is marketed toward for both the street and the dirt and equally fits both worlds. I have used this boot over the past year and a half through tours spanning thousands of miles and commutes that involved four of the busiest freeways in the United States. If you are looking for a boot that is easy to wear, flexible, and durable this is definitely one to take into consideration.

Simplicity: The 50/50 uses a Rollerblade-style clip system to fasten the boots to your feet. They're easily adjustable and allow for an easy on-off while still maintaining a customizable, snug fit.

Break-in: This boot was comfortable right out of the box and its fit only improved with time. The sole is cut in the major flex points of the sole to assist in walking and putting the foot down when stopping the bike.

Protection: The boot covers and protects the ankle, heel, and toes adequately. Additionally, the front of the boot is reinforced with a plastic cover to reduce premature wear on the shifter toe and to protect from flying debris.

Waterproof ability: The 50/50 is not waterproof; however, it can resist the quick sprinkle for an average commute to work. I find this to be one of its few weaknesses, but then again, it wasn't designed to be a rain boot.

Hot weather riding: This is the main reason why I purchased these boots. Vent holes have been placed throughout the boot in vital areas to allow for moving air to flow through the boot without compromising structural integrity. Combine this with moisture-wicking socks and your feet won't have to worry about overheating. When you're riding through the Southwestern states where triple digits are the norm, every advantage is well worth it.

Sizing: There are no half sizes for the 50/50 so fitting would have to be either one size up or down depending on your fit. They fit true to shoe size.

Replacement parts: Thor's customer service is easily accessible by phone (they're based out of San Diego, CA). I've had to contact them twice for replacement parts. They will mail out parts to you in a few days along with stickers! It isn't often that this will happen, but heavy riding, wear and tear, and temperatures over 119°F can cause plastic to melt, but not to worry! The casual rider will never have to worry about broken parts.

Value: These boots are retailed between $89-$109. Their durability has been proven to me ride after ride and is well worth the money.

Conclusion: When I have to retire this first pair of 50/50s, I'm picking up a new pair and starting over again. These have been my favorite all-around boot and a very affordable one at that. It may be unusual to think of Thor when turning to street boots, but they've really hit the mark with this hybrid style of footwear. They also come in several colors ranging from a natural brown (my current pair) to white to fit your style.

Regardless of what motorcycle boots you choose to wear, be sure that they provide adequate ankle protection and enough durability for regular motorcycle use. Ride safe!