Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: There's no school like the old game.


There's no school like the old game.

It's been a bit challenging to deal with this very motorcycle un-friendly weather. Currently, central Ohio is in the midst of snowfall that is expected to hit about 4-5" in the next day. In comparison to other parts of the United States that are in the deep freeze (Bismarck, ND is recording wind chill of more than -50F° and parts of New Mexico are below 0°F), this isn't much of a tragedy. I spent about 45 minutes outside with my future mother-in-law shoveling our driveway, the driveways of three other neighbors, and the surrounding sidewalks to help reduce some of the snow hazards that has gotten cars losing grip all over the neighborhood. As of today, a Level 1 snow warning has been issued and schools won't be in session tomorrow.

To sum it up, I'm at home, and since I can't spend all day in front of my trusty computer lest I drive myself mad, I had to find something else to do that didn't require a car ride. So, out come the video games...the vintage video games!

There's something about the replay value of an original NES (Nintendo), SNES (Super Nintendo), or Sega Genesis that creeps back up to the surface every now and again. Matt and I have plugged those old systems back into the TV and spent hours beating and re-beating levels, finding secrets, and appreciating, once again, the electronic gadgets that had been vital parts of our childhood. And, thanks to used video game stores in the Columbus area, we've actually added a few more games to the vintage sets! I've been a good girl and not logged into eBay to pick up any more.

So, this is how we cope with snow...that and occasionally firing up the bikes to hear the engines again and keep the batteries alive. Perhaps the snow this early in the year may yield faster melting? There will be a pocket to ride again eventually.