Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Cleveland IMS and the WCM: Part 2


Cleveland IMS and the WCM: Part 2

Continuing on with the new motorcycle tour from the Cleveland International Motorcycle Show, I ride a sped-up Ferris wheel. So here's the view from up there. Whee!

After that, it was a quick scoot over to Triumph for a few of their newer bikes. I have to say, they all look nice in blue.

2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer: I have a feeling that an adventure bike might be in my future, especially after playing around with the Explorer's smaller cousin, the Tiger 800. This bike is a potential contender. I would like to ride this back-to-back with a Yamaha Super Tenere to see where they both stand.

This display unit is loaded with several options including auxiliary driving lights, engine case guards, and a skid plate. 
Closeup of the front cockpit. No frills but a nice, straight handlebar for attaching those extra accessories.
With headlights like these, there is no excuse why someone couldn't see you on the road. Extra points for the aluminum protective housings on the auxiliary lights.
The other piece of eye candy parked next to the Tiger Explorer was the all-new 2013 Triumph Trophy SE. Although the name is a familiar one to many a Triumph fan, this new take on a sport touring bike is definitely a head-turner. With the large, wind-deflecting fairing, spacious saddlebags, electronic cruise control, and audio system, and a 1215cc triple-cylinder engine, this bike sprints ahead of the competition as a formidable alternative to the BMW R1200RT. I'd like to test ride this, but I might make Eleanor jealous!

And lastly, here is me and Cris doing some research on the proper seating position of a carousel horse. Who says that you can't fun on "official" business? This isn't the first time we've done strange things...remember that time in St. Louis?