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Quick Stops: Grandpa's Cheesebarn (Ashland, OH)

When I'm not on the motorcycle, I'm scouting for new places to stop when I'm back on the bike again.

Since I started working up in NE Ohio about six months ago, the 160-mile drive up and down the very uneventful I-71 became a very droning chore through the night. I would usually leave after work on a Friday to head down to Columbus, spend the weekend with Matt, and then make my way back up to Cleveland either late Sunday night or early Monday morning, rolling straight into work after a quick breakfast and an iced coffee.

A few weeks ago, I made the rare decision to leave for Columbus on Saturday morning to swing by Goschinski's Fin, Feather and Fur Outfitters in Ashland, exactly halfway between my origin and destination, to pick up a new holster for my Glock 27 (yes, that's my other hobby out here). But that wasn't my only reason for stopping off of US-250. Right next to the store is a place called Grandpa's Cheesebarn, a tourist attraction that had me curious for a while but one I couldn't see without making this exception in my regular travel schedule.

The building may look small, but it's stuffed to the gills with food, gifts, novelties, ice cream, cookies, and other nom noms.
When I entered the store, I was immediately greeted at the cafe counter and a menu with goodies ranging from fresh-baked cookies to ice cream and even paninis. I resisted all temptations and continued perusing the store, checking out the many tables full of edible goodies. Jams, chocolates, dried fruits, trail mixes, and other snacks had sample cups on display, urging me to dip a pretzel stick or mini spoon and take a taste of everything. You could hang around for a good hour just staring and sampling the treats. I really would like to know how people can work at this store without gaining at least three pounds a day from all food in this place. And that was just the first floor.

Their ready-to-mix dill dip combined with their chicken flavored crackers was ridiculously tasty.
The second floor is home to the full deli and vast selection of cheeses that give Grandpa's Cheesebarn its name. In addition, fresh honey from local Ohio beekeepers and grind-your-own nut butters among other things complemented the fresh selections.

Take home some locally harvested honey!
Fresh ground nut butters of all different flavors!
In ironic fashion, I wasn't able get any shots of the cheese and deli selection at the top floor of the barn despite the fact this place is a "cheesebarn." That's mainly because the place was packed with visitors and I'd be getting more shots of random butts and confused travelers rather than cheese. Unless you like that kind of thing.

These pictures don't do this place any justice. In fact, there is another building across the parking lot that sells nothing but chocolates. Knowing me, that would've ended quite badly, but so tastily. I was a good girl and only got out of there with a bag of bagel chips, sweet potato chips, two freshly-baked cookies, and a bottle of root beer.

Grandpa's Cheesebarn is located at 668 US Highway 250 E, Ashland, Ohio 44805 just off of I-71. Make it a stop for lunch and to pick up snacks and souvenirs if you're making the drive on this interstate. Swing by Goshinski's while you're at it for your camping, hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear. That store is another adventure in itself.

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