Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: In Memoriam: "Super Duper" Cooper the Rat (2012 - 2013)


In Memoriam: "Super Duper" Cooper the Rat (2012 - 2013)

Cooper passed away unexpectedly this morning. It was quite a shock as there were no outward symptoms that anything was wrong. Unfortunately, as intelligent and as awesome as they are, they don't have much of a shelf life. He was one of my all-time favorite rats and leaves behind quite a few memories.

Cooper was named after D.B. Cooper, the media's moniker of the mysterious plane hijacker. He earned that name after he willingly jumped from the top of the dresser where the original cage was kept and hid in a pile of clothes. He never tried that again, but in the instances that he did lose his footing and fall off the edge, he had enough sense to climb up the bed and sit on my chest until I woke up to put him back in the cage again.

Cooper enjoyed lots of different treats, even trying a a small Frosted Mini-Wheats biscuit every now and then.

Cooper was also the first to test new cage furniture I added. He took to the hammock quite quickly.

Cooper liked food and had a very eclectic palate. Here he is munching on a piece of rib that I had just grilled at a neighbor's house. I think he found it tasty.

Cooper's claim to fame is the four-panel photo grid that I posted onto Reddit of him eating bite-sized pancakes. I had posted this as a joke in the /aww section and the rest is history. At one point, this reached the #4 on the hot list on Reddit on 9/9/13. Here's the original link.

Cooper and his litter brother, Clyde, were inseparable and often cuddled together.

He liked to stick is nose straight into the camera lens of my phone. Most of my photos had to come from a slight distance when he couldn't tell if I was holding the phone. If I stuck my face there instead, he'd rip my glasses right off my face and run off with them.

After I adopted Huck and Puck (below) from the Lake Humane Society, Cooper and Puck became close playmates and often wrestled at different times in the night. Sometimes they'd see me and then start sparring to get my attention.

Of course, their time together didn't always involve tussling.

Sometimes those two would just choose a shoulder and hang out with me while I surfed the web.

Play on, Cooper. Bandit has been waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.