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The 2013 Nerdy Christmas Wish List

Here on Two-Wheeled Tourist, I'm bringing back the annual "Nerdy Christmas Wish List." This is the first time it's appeared on this blog but it's been in other writings of mine on and off over the last decade.

This year, the Christmas season is going to be celebrated in a bit of a more unorthodox manner (my life's gotten a bit complicated as of late) so it's highly unlikely that I'll see anything under a Christmas tree, real or hypothetically, this year. And of course, being the geek and severe motorcyclist I am, my dream list is a bit pricey. But, it's a lot of fun to just dream about these things. Maybe someday when I don't have to decide between feeding my rats, feeding myself, paying the bills, or paying my rent, I can revisit these things again. Fortunately, fantasizing is free and is great for budget-desperate people. So here goes...

1. Portable Single-Sheet Document Scanner
This particular one by VuPoint catches my eye because it saves to a microSD card as well as run on batteries so it's great for those trips when you can't carry all those flyers, information sheets, business cards, and what-not home with you. Clutter sucks. Digitize as much as you can. Save the luggage for those random souvenirs. Check it out here.

2. Portable Smart Device Battery Pack

When you're on the go and away from the motorcycle or car, this would be pretty cool to have on those times when hunting for a power plug is quite impractical. I've looked quite a few of these battery packs and many companies make them. However, this 10000 mAh item from Satechi is probably the best bang for the buck with the highest power output of anything I've seen in this small form factor (it's only 7.4 oz.!) and only $60. That's a lot of juice to last a long time, especially when I have an Android phone and tablet that accompany me on a daily basis.

Honorable mention for this product is made by PNY.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Sometimes you need more sound than what those dinky speakers in the phone can put out, especially when in the shower at a hotel hundreds of miles from home. So yes, a wireless speaker system that I can take wherever I go that also doubles as a speakerphone? Shut up and take my money! However, as the Jambox and Jambox Mini is a bit on the higher end for me, these two wireless speakers offer the same features for a much more digestible price. I chose these two mainly for their small form factor as well as their battery life that reaches nearly 10 hours before another charge.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom by Logitech ($99)
[Update 12/14/13: The JBL Charge actually combines suggestion #2 and #3! Figured someone would try to combine a speaker and a smartphone auxiliary battery together.]

4. Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch Lines for Eleanor

This is more of a "need this eventually" item, and I will do what I can to make sure she gets these in the next couple years. In terms of quality, either California-based Galfer or Ohio-based Spiegler will be just fine. If I could be extra fancy, maybe I could get them color matched. Eh...clear is always in and matches just about everything. Perhaps a full brake job to go with it as well?

5. GoPro Hero 3 (Black Edition)
I'm one of those geeks who waits for several generations of a new gadget to pass by until I pull the trigger on one. These action cameras have gotten better and better over the years, and I'd like to see one of these on my motorcycle or strapped to my goalie helmet one day. This newest incarnation has a remote control, Wi-Fi built-in, and can take up to 12MP stills. Super score!

Hey look! It even has a bow for gifting. :)
Here's GoPro's page for the full selection of cameras.

And for the super dream wishlist...
6. Zumo 665LM

This GPS unit is pretty much the ultimate do-all motorcycle gadget, complete with a built-in XM Radio antenna. Of course, if you have a Beemer, the BMW Motorrad Navigator V is a near-identical counterpart that integrates directly into several models for 2014. And yes, I've tinkered with that little gadget's just the nature of my current job. Anyone have $800 laying around anywhere to give away? Now that I think about it, that's a month of rent and two bills. That's probably more important.

7. Motorcycle-pulled camper.

Someday, I'll get one of these. It's been a dream to go nomadic for a while and just wander down the road, stopping wherever it's convenient. This all started a few years ago with my original trailer, lovingly named "Wang Chung." As my ambition grows, I'm going to have to turn to something a bit more professionally made. Open Road Outfitters is a good place to start.