Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Quick Stops: Squire's Castle (Revisited) in the Winter


Quick Stops: Squire's Castle (Revisited) in the Winter

As part of my "farewell tour" of NE Ohio before driving back home to Southern California in February, I had to see a favorite local destination one last time. And the timing couldn't have been any better.

On the day I drove out to the Cleveland Metroparks North Chagrin Reservation, it had snowed overnight with very little wind, leaving a beautiful coating of undisturbed powder on trees and on the sides of the road. For the first time in a long time, winter was romantic again.

I took the long route through the park toward Squire's Castle, stopping to admire this wonderland of perfectly clear roads and snowy pathways. In some areas, people were riding their horses on the equestrian trails parallel to the auto route. When I reached the castle, I threw on my Yaktrax walkers and trod into the knee-deep, snow-covered field to capture some breathtaking shots. Just enjoy the photos...I know when to shut up and let the images talk.

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