Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Motorcycle Absurdities at impromptu photo session.


Motorcycle Absurdities at impromptu photo session.

This photo series takes me back to the week leading up to Singles Awareness Day (a.k.a. February 14 for all you cynical, non-committed relationship type folk).

It was one of those weeks that needed a visit to IKEA. The trip served two purposes: (1) I finally landed my first full-time job in ten months and had to do some product research for my new office and (2) I got to hang out with a close friend to iron out some personal aggression with a motorcycle ride and lunch. I don't reserve trips to everyone's favorite Swedish furniture store just to times of emotional distress, but a meatball plate and coordinated home goods can do a lot for a slightly maimed psyche.

After nibbling on that famous cuisine that the confines of the blue and yellow building had made so popular, we began our winding trek through the store's sample rooms, wearing our motorcycle gear and holding on to our helmets. Then an idea struck me in the midst of my clouded mind. I needed to make fun of myself and do something stupid. So I handed my smartphone to my buddy and threw my helmet on.

It was time to go test out some couches.

Don't get in my way, I'm a biker chick on a mission.
I started with a long, green couch on the main walkway. This one seemed comfortable, and the pillows were good placeholders for other theoretical guests. It was also a little too far from the giant big screen in the demo room across from my location to really enjoy the view. But I sat there contemplating about 90-degree angles until I had my fill and went to look for another couch.

Silence. I am imagining throwing a questionable person judo-style into the table in front of me. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, I feel better.
I'm not a fan of white couches. Keeping those things clean sounds like a self-imposed potential hell in a handbasket. However, it is quite useful for highlighting a subject when combined with an interestingly placed spotlight. Also, the outside of my Aerostitch jacket hasn't seen a thorough cleaning in nearly eight years, but I made sure none of the store employees heard that. (For the record, I do wash all my other clothes.)

The helmet is a safe place to sing, to curse, and to scream. Actually, I'm just smiling here.
Now it was time to test out the kitchen area. Someone make me a sandwich. I'm waiting. The meatballs weren't enough to satisfy my rage appetite.

Just add water and a conversation.
Before leaving, my friend and I had to test the bathroom. Everything worked except the toilet and the shower. Someone get her a magazine and a Lysol was going to be a while.

Might have to get physical plant in here to get the clog out.
I did feel much better after the visit and was able to proceed to my regular courier shift on the Westside later that afternoon, laughter is indeed the best medicine. Since that day at IKEA, I've gotten quite past that speed hump of a life episode; confusing people with no straight agenda just aren't worth the time. If there's anything that'll turn me off to someone, it would be the inability to say what you mean and mean what you say.

The rest of the week was far more positive. Aside from starting the full-time job with a new found energy and fervor, February 14 marked exactly a year since I came home to Southern California. And that is what I choose to celebrate with a couple pounds crab legs, several rounds of sushi and sashimi, a personal viewing of Fifty Shades of Grey (I didn't watch it for the plot), and a date with a wine-drinking Kiwi.

You know, Kiwi, you were much taller and muscular in the photos.
My life has been pretty hilarious at times and is still a work in progress (but then again when isn't it). But I'm moving toward bigger and brighter things. From the many side stories I've lived through in various facets of my world, sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other, enjoy what's given to you at the moment, and learn from what passes you by.

Life advice from the Two-Wheeled Tourist: When the going gets tough, go visit IKEA and take a few photos. Then throw on a trashy movie and enjoy the rest of the evening.