Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Tales on the Courier Shift: Some guys are from Mars, but there are women who understand you.


Tales on the Courier Shift: Some guys are from Mars, but there are women who understand you.

I had to pull from the archives for this collection of posts.

Two months after I came home to Southern California for my last job in the motorcycle industry as an assistant parts manager, I was laid off in April 2014 along with a service tech, service writer, and the janitor. That sudden turn of events forced me to scramble for a source of income, and after a bit of research I came across an up-and-coming on-demand courier service based out of Santa Monica looking for motorcycle riders for work. So Eleanor and I headed out there and became a part of the original fleet for Postmates Los Angeles. I even wrote an article about my courier work that ended up in Women On Wheels® magazine in early 2015. I worked for Postmates until February 2015 when I switched over to another delivery company and was there until about January 2016. The last company in my delivery life (so far) had me relegated to my car for the most part, but there are some interesting tales from that.

Daily digests of my delivery work graced my Facebook wall, chronicling the hundreds of dollars of sushi, home goods, take-out, Starbucks lattes, booze, bags of ice, and what have you that I schlepped from Point A to Point B for delivery pay and tips. I encountered all different types of people and burned many gallons of gas on Eleanor and many calories on myself while I scampered from door to door in full motorcycle gear on the dinner/night shift. I am grateful to my Facebook friends who have followed me on these stories, being able to share my unique (to the say the least) experiences has been a nice digression from the everyday, work-seeking challenges I face.

I was on pretty intense courier duty for the better part of a year and a half. I think now is a good time to look back and dedicate a good portion of the next several posts to some of the hilarious stories that came out of my adventures carrying goods all over Los Angeles and occasionally other counties. Enjoy the screenshots.