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Quick Bites: The House of Seafood (Carson, CA)

I don't normally stop in Carson for lunch, but there have been so many new restaurants as of late opening up in newly-remodeled shopping centers that never-before-seen ones have piqued my curiosity. The House of Seafood happened to be one of them, and it was a pleasant place to eat in lieu of the Swedish meatballs served at that one furniture store I picked up housewares from. One of the challenges about finding this place is that it's pretty far from a major road, and unless you were driving past it or trying to enter the South Bay Pavilion across the street, it is easy to miss. With that being said, this is what I thought about the food.

The meal started with a small portion of the "Seafood Platter," a combination of deep-fried calamari, shrimp, and clams accompanied with cocktail and tartar sauces. What was surprising about this dish was that the seafood was fresh, the breaking crispy, and not the stereotypical rubbery feel that is usually associated with pre-made, breaded and fried seafood.

The main dish was a shrimp pomodoro served on top of angel hair pasta with a side of toasted foccacia bread. The sauce was very flavorful while allowing the taste of the freshly grilled shrimp to come through. It went well with the light feel of the angel hair pasta as well. I will have to give them a little extra credit for their visual presentation.

I am curious to return there and try their other offering such as their grilled platters and their seafood fresh from the steamer.

The House of Seafood is located at 940 E. Dominguez St., Carson, CA 90746, right across from IKEA and the South Bay Pavilion. For more information, visit their website at

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