Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Tales on the Courier Shift: Large Packages (and those that lack one)


Tales on the Courier Shift: Large Packages (and those that lack one)

On this episode of "Tales on the Courier Shift," I get to see the worst side of customer service, as in the side that's lacking. I get it, service jobs are hard and have their share of difficulties. However, that gives nobody free license to act like complete a-holes to their peers, regardless if they're not working for the same company. We're all trying to make a living here so spending additional energy to make someone else's day a bit more difficult is a bit counter-productive and downright cruel.

What makes this incident particularly more evil was that I was being targeted specifically for the vehicle I was operating. I received the brunt end of the rage of the night manager of C&O Cucina (3016 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, CA 90292) because of an unfounded fear that I was going to destroy the very food that I was being paid to deliver. Obviously, my role there was not to sabotage a delivery, but there he was, giving me a hard time in front of other delivery drivers.

From that point on, I made it clear to the customer service representatives of DoorDash that I would no longer accept delivery requests from that particular restaurant. Unfortunately, that meant that I would have to call in every single dispatch from that company until they got the idea. To this day, I can't even see myself visiting that place as a normal customer. I know that I'll be missing out on what I've heard were really good garlic knots, but it's a matter of principle. If you treat me badly, you're not getting any of my money or my patronage.

In this next bit, I get creative with a giant pizza by partitioning it into several boxes. It's not something that I'll do often, and I'll ask the customer first. After that, lots of sushi survives the journey on two wheels. A point of advice for the motorcyclists who deal with cargo on a regular basis, always have sets of ROK Straps and a cargo net available at all times. You never know what you may end up taking home.