Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Motorcycle vs. Rain...continued


Motorcycle vs. Rain...continued

After solving the cold, wet hands with a pair of Gerbing heated gloves I turn my attention to the other problem area that often soaks up faster than any part of my body: my crotch.

Getting water in the crotch is no fun. As soon as that water penetrates through all the layers of motorcycle gear, it starts to feel like someone is methodically pouring a bottle of soda on your lap and laughing. In my previous trips across the country, I was able to find quasi-waterproof inner linings to make the experience a little more tolerable and the addition of a lambskin seat cover also assisted greatly in preventing my custom Corbin seat from becoming Lake Erie Jr. However, the water will inevitably pool up there and the slushy feeling continues. Add a nice cross wind and I feel like I'm sitting on a Slurpee.

I took a trip to Iron Pony and picked up a pair of Frogg Toggs pants. After hearing Matt rave about the jacket portion and seeing the results (his Dainese touring jacket was bone dry after riding ten miles in a downpour) I decided to make a relatively small investment ($25 to be exact) on a pair of the bottom counterparts. Just for a visual example, he has this orange jacket and I have the black pants. To make sure the pants fit over my Aerostitch Darien pants and any additional layers I were to add in colder weather, I picked up a 3XL. The cool part is that the zippers go nearly halfway up the pant leg so it was pretty effortless to put the pants on with my boots on.

Hopefully, this should solve the problem of the wet crotch. I'll have to wait for another rainstorm to try the pants out.