Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Heated gloves!


Heated gloves!

It turns out that my solution to the waterproof motorcycle glove situation is a pair of Gerbing's heated gloves. It wasn't until the slight cold snap last Tuesday (it decided to stay below 50 degrees the entire day) that these are going to be necessary if I am to extend my riding season into the winter months. Being a Californian for my entire life and about to spend my first winter in the East Coast, the upgrade is probably going to be a necessity very soon. I have been fortunate to have spent most of my long distance riding in the summer months so the "wet" factor has always been there, especially in the very humid and sticky Southeast. The cold, on the other hand, only came in small pockets and usually not enough to have to justify a pair of electrically heated hand coverings.

So I went for a pair of these and Matt helped me hook them up to the bike battery. After switching them on I immediately felt the difference. It's a much cheaper solution to changing over to heated grips; there's a part of me that says this might be more effective than the former as well. Maybe I'll connect an electric liner underneath if it really starts to get bad. Gotta keep riding...I still have an annual mileage contest to finish!