Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Rain, that drippy stuff.


Rain, that drippy stuff.

Out of the near month I've been here in Ohio, I swear that it's been raining for half of it. I've probably seen more rain fall here in the last week and a half that I've seen in CA in the last two years. That could explain why everything is quite green and lush here. Hell, it's even raining right now! Most people could care less about precipitation, but the West Coast (unless you live in OR or WA) is in complete denial that it ever does rain, or have anything fall from the sky for that matter. And when it rains in Los Angeles, at least one street is completely flooded, regardless of how little it really does rain. Half an inch of rain in a day is "Flash Flood" status. I think Ohio would call that a drought.

For the motorcyclist, it's another round of puddles to play in. For me, it's a chance to do some research on better gear for the wet stuff. The motorcycle pants and gloves I wear are the biggest issue at the moment. I've been very successful with my Aerostitch Roadcrafter Jacket and I won't budge from that. However, the jacket can't stop anything else from getting flooded below the waist. It's not fun getting water in the crotch or the cold, wet paws on the handlebars. Time for some rainy day shopping!