Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Finding an Asian market in Columbus...the hard way.


Finding an Asian market in Columbus...the hard way.

Google is my friend. I have no clue what's out here in Columbus except for the areas around my current dwellings. It's been a while since I had Filipino food so I threw a search on Google and came up with this place.

Asia Market
3456 Cleveland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43224-2907

I jump on the bike and go. After a short downpour and some heavy traffic I make it to an area of town that resembles the backroads of Compton. That was a bit creepy. I walk into this place that looks like a partitioned section of a K-Mart (seems that way granting that the mini-mall where this market was located was across from another mini-mall and a Tim Hortons). The good news? They had the noodles I was looking for. I hear that there are other Asian markets around town...perhaps there's something nicer in a better area.

Returning down Cleveland Ave. was a little more challenging. With the intersection at Morse Rd. reduced to just one straight and one left turn lane, I was forced to take the left and continue down Morse until I hit I-71. Not too bad granting I discovered Skate Zone 71 on the way home...another place to skate and keep the legs moving. I haven't spent too much time on I-71 but I'm learning my way around.