Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Chillin' with the Ohio Riders


Chillin' with the Ohio Riders

So a few days ago I joined this message board called the Ohio Riders to connect with other motorcyclists in the area. After perusing the board and introducing myself, I decided to bring Matt with me to one of their bike nights at the Quaker Steak & Lube at the Polaris Parkway. The meet point was across the street and we got there a little early. By about 6:45 quite a few more bikes showed up of all different types. Ironically enough, no Harleys...very strange. I got to meet another member who had a first-gen FJR so we were talking about the accessories we had on both our bikes. The entire group spent another 45 or so minutes across the street to stare at all the motorcycles at the restaurant. According to a few of the guys, the approx. 75 bikes there was considered to be an extremely low turnout. Then again the "riding season" is coming to the end. My goal is to see how far I can stretch the riding season for myself...still aiming for 10 out of 12 months at the minimum.

We all went to Hooters Polaris after that to have dinner. The Wednesday $10 unlimited wings deal was pretty cool and I could barely get through two plates of bone-in wings (everyone else had boneless so they were cheating after going for their 3rd plates). We were back home by 9:30PM; it helps when home is only 5 minutes away. It's a stark contrast from the 60+ miles I used to ride alone into Canyon Country (14 freeway past Magic Mountain) just to go to a bike night for a couple hours and then leave. This one was relaxing and the people were very nice. Matt and I are looking forward to another event like this.