Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Fuzzy the Rat


Fuzzy the Rat

It's a Sunday night and I'm attempting to get back into some routine while I'm job searching. So, I got back to the video editing board and opened up a wedding video that I'd like to finish pretty soon. To help me with this project is my trusty, hairless, one-eyed rat named Fuzzy.

I have to put in a little blurb in the blot about Fuzzy. Matt gave him to me for Valentine's day this year and since then he's been our companion during video game sessions, late night video editing, a cross-country move, and lounging on the sofa while watching TV. He's a klepto who likes to take paper items from my desk to line his cage and will find a way to lick your hands and face clean of whatever you ate earlier. I've had quite a few rats and mice and pets, but so far, Fuzzy has been my favorite rodent of all. I'm typing this as he's curling up in a fleece-lined crinkle bag and taking a torn up piece of paper with him.

Fuzzy is hairless rat and we adopted him from a PetSmart in Tustin, CA. He was missing an eye (perhaps from a fight) and that's what put him on the adoption list. It didn't take him long to get accustomed to the house and he's always excited when he hears a door open or hears the bag of treats opening up. He'll get himself into quite a bit of trouble; I'll let the pics speak for themselves. He's been caught on camera so many times that he's earned his own album on my Facebook page.

Fuzzy recharging his batteries...

Fuzzy goes on a desk safari...

Fuzzy has a root beer!

And here's Fuzzy's helmet hotel.

Alright, that's enough cuteness for now. Going back to work. LOL