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H-D Women's Garage Party...riders wanted.

Harley-Davidson has named March as "National Garage Party Month" in which numerous dealerships across the country host a women-only evening event filled with seminars and opportunities to network with other ladies that share an enthusiasm for motorcycles and riding. I, along with three other members of my Women On Wheels® chapter, met up to see what this event was all about.

I was one of a handful of riders to brave the 55°F weather (yeah, it was "that" cold) and take the FJR on down to Centennial H-D in Pataskala (just outside of Columbus) to join about 100 or so other women to socialize, learn about the Harley motorcycle lineup, and take home safety tips such as picking up a fallen motorcycle. The event was very well organized, with free food and drinks provided by the dealership. The event opened with a social time in which we had to meet other ladies by matching pictures of various H-D bikes with another person holding an identical image. After that, we all gathered in the main showroom for a small introduction and then split up into three separate groups to partake in three various workshops. Here was the breakdown of the workshops.

Workshop 1: Harley-Davidson bike customization for fit and style. Speakers went over various options women riders have in terms of fitment (i.e. seats and suspension) and accessories for aesthetics and comfort.

Workshop 2: Introducing the Harley-Davidson bike line. Speakers went through a rundown of H-D's bike lines from the Sportster to the touring series. Guests were then able to break into groups and sit on various models. I was mostly interested in the V-Rod Muscle bike and the XR1200; more so on the former because I've already test ridden the XR.

Workshop 3: How to pick up a fallen bike. Speakers played a DVD demonstrating how to pick up a fallen motorcycle by yourself. The technique was then demonstrated live and several women tried it themselves. This was probably the most useful workshop of the evening. I hope I never have to use the technique, but at least I have an idea on how to use it.

Overall, the evening was a great success and very enjoyable. I wish other motorcycle makers would make an attempt to reach out to women riders as H-D has with their Garage Party campaign. I truly believe that social events such as this increase brand loyalty and sales in the product. But as a female, I'd like to take a potential woman rider to a Garage Party just to show her that yes, you're not crazy; there are other ladies who are interested in motorcycles just like you.