Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Where's Waldo? In Ohio, eating bologna sandwiches.


Where's Waldo? In Ohio, eating bologna sandwiches.

Two of my fellow Women On Wheels® members and I went on a ride on Saturday to explore some of the country areas north of Columbus. It was nice day and without the traffic of the main paved roads. We rode for about thirty or so miles and stopped for lunch in Waldo, OH, a small town with a very famous bologna sandwich.

When we entered the G&R Tavern in the middle of town, the place was packed full of people. We sat at the bar and ordered our food from a simple menu posted on a lit board. Apparently people come here from miles around to indulge in this strange lunch meat-based entree and we were about to become part of the phenomenon.

So, I'm thinking in my head, what's so special about a bologna sandwich? It turns out it isn't your standard mayo and white bread quick concoction. It's actually a thick slab of the meat, grilled to give it a crispy outside while leaving the inside meat extremely tender and juicy. That slab is then put in between a hamburger bun and topped with onions, cheese, mayo, and pickles. I ordered mine with grilled onions, cheese, mayo and no pickles, and I was impressed with the juiciness of the whole combination. The onion rings were tasty too; I'd like to try the fried mushrooms if I ever have a chance to return to that place.

If you're a biker going through central Ohio, a stop at the famous G&R Tavern is just the place to drop your kickstand and satisfy your palate. Parking is ample, the area is pretty quiet, and it's wonderful destination for taking the bike buddies!

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