Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: The sun is out!!!!


The sun is out!!!!

Yeah, that title needed four exclamation points.

It's been sunny ALL week, and I've been riding the FJR since Monday. After a miserable two months where I was only able to ride a handful of times, it feels good to have clear, dry roads and no other bikes on the road because "it's too cold."

Seriously? You're going to pass up rideable conditions due to a matter of ten or so degrees under desirable outside temperature? Picky, picky. It's Ohio, a place where weather can change in a matter of hours. Enjoy this gap while it lasts!

On Monday, I began the task of scrubbing in my brand new front tire by putting around local roads near my work in Lewis Center. Only other bike on the road was an older Honda Goldwing. It was about 25°F that day and I was still able to get in about 80 miles before going in for my shift.

Tuesday pretty much saw me and Matt as the only riders in the area. He was glad to be back on his BMW jetting down the freeway and not on the little scooter, his main transportation during snowstorms.

On Wednesday, a man in a truck put down his window as I was walking with full gear to Office Max and asked if being out here on the bike was "pushing it." I smiled and replied, "The roads are dry, and I'm layered pretty well, so it's just fine." It was only 26°F out.

On Thursday, I rode to Popeye's for lunch. As I left the restaurant, a rider in a yellow Honda CBR 1000 in full gear rolled up to me and asked, "So I'm not the only crazy person out here riding today? All my friends said I was." Temperature on my bike read 33°F.

I answered, "Pass up a nice day like this? Glad I'm not the only one!"

He gave me a fist bump and I rode to work.

On Friday, I took my time and cruised eastward, past the Longaberger basket building and toward Zanesville, about 60 miles outside of Columbus. About 150 miles later, I had dinner back in Whitehall, OH with the Knights of Columbus and their fish fry. I think that's the first time I've had fried Ocean Perch. Damn good fish.

I guess riding every day in CA has put me in the mentality that if it's good roads, I'm out there. I've spent years perfecting my gear and my bike to withstand what most recreational riders consider to be too "risky." If you're dressed properly, cold is the least of your worries. If ice was on the road, then the bike stays in.

Overall itinerary for this week:
Monday: Scrub tire in. 80 miles.
Tuesday: Continue scrubbing tire. 80 miles.
Wednesday: Test tire for scrubbiness. 50 miles.
Thursday: Same as Wednesday. 50 miles.
Friday: Going to Target in Newark because the ones in C-bus are too close. Going for the century mark today. Ended up doing almost 160 miles that ended with a fish fry at the Knights of Columbus in Whitehall, OH but no Target.
Saturday: Ride somewhere, far, for ice cream and long enough before tonight's hockey game. Maybe some Target.

So, all you other Ohio riders, when are you getting out there?