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Food Review: Crazzy Greek (Columbus, OH)

Real Greek food does exist in Columbus, and it's Crazzy Greek.

Being spoiled by the Daphne's Greek Cafe chain and Mad Greek in CA, it's been hard for me to find a place that serves more than the standard food-service grade, wannabe Greek meals that are dotted around Columbus area. I was glad to find this restaurant just around the corner from my house and stopped in to try out their house gyro sandwich.

Upon taking my first bite on the sandwich, I was immediately surprised by the unique, tangy taste of the house dressing and the tender, fresh taste of the gyro meat. I found out later that their gyro meat is roasted on a spit and cut on order. Unlike several other Greek casual restaurants I had traveled to in the area, this was the first place that made everything in-house. Even the pita bread was fresh and fluffy! I'd like to try a dessert another time when I have more room in the stomach.

The establishment itself has a casual, Greek theme, with the walls painted with murals that depict the famous ivory colored homes overlooking the Mediterranean. It's great for the easy-going lunch or dinner. Of course, you could always get the food to go as well; they're popular with the local businesses for takeout and catering. I recommend this place and look forward to returning again.

Crazzy Greek is located at 8325 Market Exchange Dr., Westerville, OH. 43081. Cross streets are Lazelle/Sancus. Their website is

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