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Random Ride: Wheeling Island Casino in Wheeling, WV

On Easter Sunday I decided to set my GPS to ride from Columbus, OH to Wheeling, WV via state routes, saving I-70 for the express return home. My destination was Wheeling Island Casino, the closest gambling establishment to Ohio for at least the next few years. It looked like my lucky day; I won enough in video poker to pay for the gas tank home!

Outside temperatures ranged from 80°F down to 58°F in the evening so the ride was very pleasant throughout. Definitely a ride to take this season.

Here's the route I used to get there, mainly US-36 and US-250. Scenery consisted of small towns, a state lake and recreation center, and an interesting series of twisty roads that dropped me right into the border town of Wheeling, WV. Approximately 280 mile round trip.

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