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Monroe Part 2: Quick Review - Podnuh's BBQ

For lunch on Day 2 of our stay here in Monroe, we tried our luck at a popular BBQ chain in this area. It's your standard BBQ place but is great for a quick stop for lunch or dinner.

Front view of the Monroe location (810 Splane Drive)
Sides galore! My favorites were the candied yams and the corn on the cob. Very sweet and tasty.
I tried their "three meat" plate that gave me a sampling of their BBQ chicken, sausage, and a couple pork ribs. The chicken was fall-off-the-bone and so were the ribs. I found the sausage to be flavorful but the casing was a bit tough as if it had stayed on the grill a bit too long. The nice thing is that their homemade BBQ sauce is served on the side so you can put as little or as much sauce as you wish; I didn't need too much of the sauce to complement the meat. This entree also came with Texas toast and two sides (I added the corn on the cob to make it three).

Podnuh's Monroe is located at For more information about this food chain, please visit It's quick BBQ but pretty good stuff for the price, at least for this outsider.

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