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Quick Review: Best Gyros (Mentor, OH)

I had a long day at work on Friday and ended up getting out of there much later than I wanted to. So for a quick dinner I headed to Best Gyros on OH-306/Mentor Ave. to try out their $3.29 "Festival Gyro" and a .50 side of fries. This is what I received.

That's a lot of food for under $5. Quite impressive.

The gyro was pretty tasty and had an ample amount of toppings and tzatziki sauce. Other things I liked? The food was made to order and the gyros are freshly shaved off the spit. They threw in a side of ranch dressing at no extra charge (it's for my fries, don't judge me) and the cashier delivered the tray to my table. For a quick eat that's not your typical hamburger, this would be a great spot to stop. Also, they're open until 4AM on Fridays and Saturdays for you weekend night owls. Next time I'd like to try their larger, specialty gyros as well as their baklava desert. Apparently they also serve burgers and huge corned beef sandwiches as well.

Alternatively, there's a Nick's Gyros farther up on Mentor Ave. that also delivers delicious gyros and ridiculously awesome fruit smoothies. I hope to do a more extensive review on that place too as I had a great experience trying an original "Nick's Gyro," hummus, and a smoothie there for a work lunch a few weeks ago.

Best Gyros has four locations in NE Ohio: Mentor, Mayfield, Northfield, and Lee. You can visit their website at

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