Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Monroe Part 3: The things I do for [Zapp's] potato chips (and the people I love).


Monroe Part 3: The things I do for [Zapp's] potato chips (and the people I love).

After the last day of meetings concluded, I received a text from Matt with a request on behalf of his co-worker, Ian.

So while everyone was getting ready to watch the NFL Packers/49ers playoff game, I borrowed one of the rental cars and with another one of my colleagues in tow, we went out on the search for these apparently amazing Zapp's potato chips. I got a lead from one of our guests who joined us that weekend that there was a nearby Albertsons that carried them. It was nice to hear that supermarket chain again; I haven't been inside one of those stores since I left California.

Using my phone and my portable car Bluetooth speaker (a Jabra Drive for those keeping score), we headed to the location of the Albertsons only to find that the building was vacant. We rerouted to a nearby Wal-Mart and went inside to see if that store had them.

And then the hilarity ensued.

As we made to the aisle of snack chips, we began scanning the rows to see if we could find them. A young couple asked us what we were looking for, and when we told them that we were visitors from out of town looking for Zapp's potato chips, something strange happened. Their eyes widened and they excitedly starting talking about how good those the chips are, pretty much to the brink of jumping up and down. The young man pulled out his smartphone and started looking up the nearest gas station that had them. An assistant manager who just happened to be in the same aisle joined in the conversation and even gave my collegaue even more recommended restaurants to visit the next time we came back. As for the Zapp's, he was so passionate about these potato chips that he did something I would never expect a Wal-Mart employee to ever do.

He told us to go to Target.

We left Wal-Mart and headed down the road back toward the hotel. My colleague spotted a drive-thru daquiri stand and we had to stop for photos. We didn't get a daquiri this time, but I'll be up for one on the next trip. Only in Louisiana you'll find these, and it's a bit of culture shock but a unique one.

Ah hah!
Yes, you can purchase alcoholic drinks and have a container in your car out here. Just don't be drinking it while you're driving..
It was an hour and a half of adventure that forever cemented my impression of the people of Monroe, Louisiana. They are a people who are proud of their area, their culture, and their food. The hospitality toward complete strangers is amazing. And did I mention they love their food? I haven't been to a place where just talking about the local specialties send people into an ultimate Zen moment.

We acquire the supremely orgasmic potato chips of this region. I have to say, that Salt and Vinegar flavor was quite tasty. Next time I'm back I might have to ship a whole box of these things home.
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Post-chip acquisition update: Ian went through the three bags in a week and a half. I don't know how he even made them last that long!