Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Tales on the Courier Shift: Closing of a Chapter


Tales on the Courier Shift: Closing of a Chapter

By the middle of January 2015, the initial rush of courier deliveries that I had with Postmates was past its peak and was on a sharp decline. The holidays were hard, not just because I lost three weeks worth of work due to a sudden death in the family, but also because delivery assignments were far and in between.

In addition, I was transitioning work to a new delivery service, and I will have to say, there were quite a few rough spots during the early shifts that tested my mental fortitude. By the way, I am forever boycotting Poulet Du Jour in Hermosa Beach (233 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254) due to their mistreatment and disrespect of me when I just came in to pick up food for delivery. This restaurant may claim to have some of the best rotisserie chicken in the South Bay, but I don't pay money to get verbally abused.

Despite the weirdness at the beginning, I stuck it out with DoorDash and decided to retire from my run at Postmates. It was pretty cool to be a part of the original Los Angeles launch crew and hit over 500 deliveries during my time with them. That was a lot of hustling but I excelled at it. Of course, things that would've made it easier for me to do my job with them, such as opening a South Bay zone and a delivery driver app that worked on Android came about after I left, but I knew that job when it was an even greater challenge than it is now.

Side note: Don't take a bee to a face. It hurts like a bitch.

Despite my challenges, I know that I will always have trusted companions to keep me in check. Eleanor has survived the ups and downs of our journeys together, and I do what I can to keep her happy as a good motorcycle should be. The flowers? Those were a gift from my boss at my other job. I just like to share them. I think the hashtags aren't as relevant as they were back then, though.