Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Tales on the Courier Shift: Outside deliveries warrant a dessert.


Tales on the Courier Shift: Outside deliveries warrant a dessert.

In this episode of Tales on the Courier Shift taking place between 1/31-2/1/15, I received a request from an outside courier company to deliver mail correspondence to residents in the San Gabriel Valley. It was so impromptu that I was at the courier hub within two hours of the call and out on the road for the next ten hours after that. This one was particularly grueling because I was just thrown a list, the letters to distribute, and left to my own wits and mapping skills. Fortunately I had the combination of a standalone GPS, my smartphone, and my Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset to get me through the night.

After that long night, my work didn't end there. The following day was Super Bowl Sunday, and I was scheduled to work from noon to 9PM that day to take advantage of the expected deluge of food deliveries that were to be made due to the parties and get-togethers from this annual sporting event. In reality, I was quite bored with only two deliveries in a nine-hour span. Fortunately I was being paid a base hourly rate and I spent a good portion of the day sitting and napping in a park somewhere in Mar Vista. I ended the night with a field trip to Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills to enjoy a scoop of ice cream.