Google+ Two-Wheeled Tourist: Day 3: Hanging around in Stratton


Day 3: Hanging around in Stratton

Today was a bit more relaxing because I stayed in the resort and avoid
riding through blistering temperatures hitting at least the mid 90s.
It started with an early jaunt to registration at the main base lodge.
After that it was a bit of taking pictures, acclimating myself to this
part of the resort, and attending an early seminar about the proper
way to take sharp curves on a motorcycle.

I had lunch with my friend that flew in from CA (the current director
of the OC Spirit Riders), chatted with ladies from the Cleveland
Rumble Pack, and headed out to the Chapter Director meeting in the
main lodge.

After a bit of a break and some BBQ I taped the opening ceremonies for
this year's Ride-In. Matt finally made it to Vermont around 9:30PM
after completing an Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000 ride that he started at

It looks like there may be a chance of rain tomorrow but we'll see
what Mother Nature decides to bring to Vermont.

So far I'm having a blast catching up with ladies from last year and
the years past. I'm telling the story of how I ended up in Ohio after
my stint in California. Additionally, I am happy that we have three
representatives for the Buckeye State Lady Riders here. Not bad for a
chapter that's only been chartered since February.

There are so many stories and side conversations that I've had with
many of the women here. I find that being here for this event every
year is just so much fun. It's not often that you're surrounded by
women who share that same passion for motorcycles that you do. I
encourage everyone who is part of Women On Wheels(r) to at least make
the trip once; you'll be making friends and memories you'll never